MSG 6.5 – The Axis Remnants

This extra credit class covers the flight of Zeon forces under Maharaja Karn to the mining asteroid of Axis in the wake of the One Year War.  It also discusses the build up of Zeon forces there under Maharaja and his daughter Haman Karn.

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Fictional History – Real Hiccups

It seems that the site hasn’t been updating as it should have been.  As such, it’s several episodes behind.  I plan to schedule them all to post in the following days, so keep an eye out for a series of updates.


As my last hosting set up stopped working, I’m looking into another way to do this.  For now, I’ll be posting the episodes to Youtube and seeing how it goes from there.  When I can get it back in a real podcast form, I’ll go back to uploading that way.